Personal Training

I am passionate about helping women become stronger, fitter and more confident!.

My one to one and  'train with a friend' personal training sessions at imperial Bodies Gym are ideal for those who prefer to have a coach by their side in a gym enviromnent as they struggle to get motivated on their own.   

For each training session, I plan what exercises they will be doing to help them achieve their overall goals and ensure they are performing them with good technique. 

I am always there to encourage and support them and remind them that it is also what they do outside these sessions that will help them get to where they want to be.


What my Personal Training Includes:


  •  An initial telephone consultation to discuss your goals.
  •  My Client Information Pack, full of information, including simple daily habits to help you stay on track.
  • 1 x 1 Hour PT session at Imperial Bodies Gym.
  • Access to my TWD Online MemberZONE where you can access workouts and my Lean and Healthy Recipe Books
  • Access to my Private TWD Tribe Facebook Group where you will be supported by me and the other members.



1 x PT Weekly Session

 £175 per month


2 x PT Weekly Session

 £300 per month

1 x 'Train with a Friend' Weekly PT Weekly Session

 £225 per month

(50 weeks per year)

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